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Virus 912 is a motoglider planes which is producted by Slovenian factory Pipipisrel . The plane can be used in different ways. Actually it is used all around the world thanks to his various flight configuration. There are three things that make Pipistrel Virus an excellent plane :

- It can be used by flight schools

-You can fly it as a glider

-It is fast

The spoilers and his low weight make it as an excellent planes for all runways. Thanks to his low fuel consumption and his low cost a lot of flight schools fly it.

Lenght: 6.49 Meters

Apertura span: 12.46 Meters

Height: 1.82 Meters

Range: 1100 Kilometers

Maximum speed: 249 Km/h

Cruise speed: 225 Km/h

Stall speed: 62 Km/h

Aspect ratio: 1:21

Use: School, glider, cruise


P-92 is a planes which is built by well known factory Tecnam . P-92 has high wing and tricycle gear. There are other things that made him one the most sell plane. Come and discover it. P-92 gives wing to thousands of pilots every year.

Length: 6.40 Meters

Wing span 9.30 Meters

Height: 2.50 Meters

Range: 500 Kilometers

Maximum speed: 260 km/h

Cruise speed: 200 Km/h

Stall speed: 63 Km/h

Use: school and cruise


Cessna L-19 was born in the 50s after that US army had asked for a fast, quick and maneuverable plane. At the beginning only 500 L-19 had to be built but  after an high demand more than 3500 model were made. After Vietnam war some L-19 were sold to Italian army that it sold it another time to flying club. Sondrio club is proud and honored of owing one Cessna L-19.

Length: 7.62 Meters

Wing span: 10.91 Meters

Height: 2.11 Meters

Range: 853 Kilometers

Maximum speed: 254 km/h

Cruise speed: 167 Km/h

Stall speed: 87 Km/h

Use: aerotowing and cruise


Blanik L-13 is an high wing glider which was born in the fifties. You shouldn’t be afraid of his age. Despite it is quite old it is always be the most sell glider. Its low landing speed and the easy rudder  make it as a good glider trainer.


Length: 8.40 Meters

Wing area: 16.20 Meters

Height: 2.11 Meters

Maximum takeoff weight: 500 Kg

Maximum speed: 250 km/h

Cruise speed: 56 Km/h

Aspect ratio: 1:28

Use: glider


Robinson 22 is a double blade helicopter made by Robinson . Probably there aren’t pilots who have never flown on R22. It isn’t as expensive as other helicopters and thanks to this  all helicopter schools use it.

There isn’t a servocontrol so pilots need to pay attention and they should do low movements.


Length: 8.76 Meters

Main rotor diameter: 7.60 Meters

Tail rotor diameter: 2.00 Meters

Maximum speed: 189 km/h

Cruise speed: 178 Km/h

Maximum reachable altitude: 4200 Meters

Use: school and cruise

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