The history and the council of Sondrio flying club

Sondrio flight club was set up in 1991 by aeronautic general Ferdinando Piani, who was president for some years. Our headquarter is in Sondrio airport which is near a little village called Caiolo .

Sondrio aero Club owns glider and engine planes.

Our members got their flight licenses in the nearest flight clubs as Valbrembo, Alzate Brianza (Gliding licenses) and Milano Bresso (Engine licenses) . In addition, thanks to our friendship with Alzate Brianza Club, some gliding courses were organized.


Our members fly in different kinds of planes. Sondrio flight Club owns one tow plane Cessna L19, two Pipistrel Virus, one P92 plane, one glider Blanik L-13 and one ultralight helicopter Robinson 22.


The club successfully organized an Italian gliding cup and an international meeting for pilots.


Every year the club organizes different activities: The meeting of the alps, the air party in September, mountain flight stages and AutoAvio where there are both planes and old cars.


Our students usually flight with Pipistrel Virus. This plane can both be used as a glider and as an engine plane. Our school is well known not only in our country but also in Germany and Switzerland.


Actually one of the most popular gliding schools in Germany organizes every year a two month glider flight stage in our valley. We are proud that Oerlinghausen flight school chooses us for doing their flight stages.




We are also twin with Sindelfingen, Bologna and Domodossola-Masera flying clubs.   


Our base has been established in our airport since 2006 . The club house is a point of meeting for all our members. There is a secretary’s office, a bar and a room available to pilots, flight instructors and students.

Public can enjoy an excellent view of the airport area in a safe place.


Thanks to our last activities in the club there are more than 100 members


You should come to Caiolo airfield and try our dedicated guests activity: pilot for one day !

CHAIRMAN: Enrico Magini 
CONSELLOURS: Diego Tognela (Vice chairman) - Marco Bittolo Bon - Paolo Marveggio - Luca Rubaga - Bruno Garbellini
AUDITORS GENERAL: Tito Vigoni (President) - Marco Verri - Antonio Staino

Glider pilot agent: Sandro Bazzano
Fixed wing agent: Paolo Geminiani
Rotary wing agent: Antonio Besseghini

I nostri contatti

Segreteria Aeroclub: 0342/355176

Mail: info@aeroclubdisondrio.org

Aviosuperficie: 0342/355203

Vieni a trovarci nel weekend!

La nostra segreteria si trova c/o l'Aviosuperficie, via Palù, Caiolo (SO).

LILO - orientamento 09-27 frequenza 129.500 - elevazione ft 901 / mt 274 - N 46 09.5 E 009 48.00


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